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 COOL GIRLS COLLECTIVE is a women-driven community shaping convos around creativity through content and resources. We're more than just for networking and hustling. We're here because we're passionate about creating works-in-progress that move us. And we strive to cultivate genuine friendships along the way.

We also believe that in order to tap into the highest potential of our creativity, we must nurture our whole selves. Not just the creative parts. We must listen to our needs and wants as multifaceted, complicated human beings. Some days might be productive. Other days might be quiet. But every day leads us closer to our most authentic, powerful selves. And we find that utterly cool. 

Our mission is simple: Create. Connect. Cultivate.


Founder & Host of While You Create

Photo of Ruth Guerra with an orange blazer.

👋 Hi, I'm Ruth Guerra. I'm a digital strategist, researcher, and experimental artist. With the aim of creating positive futures, my work thrives at the intersection of social impact and radical joy. I founded Cool Girls Co as a way to make room for passion projects and connect with like-minded artists around the world. Welcome to this fun little corner of the internet!